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On several occasions, unforeseen matters come to the surface, such as business meetings or a move-out from home. But what will you do if you have your car with you? Will you just leave it at a parking lot somewhere? Or would you rather have it safe and sound with a reliable transportation partner? Auto Move America LLC is the leading auto transportation service provider with a dedicated team of experts ready to handle your car with care. If you need a safe and secure shipment for your car, choose Auto Move America LLC today!


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Open Car Carrier

Many prefer a better, affordable option for a car...

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Enclosed Car Carrier

Because of the protective materials of our trucks, you can...

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transporation truck on the long road carrying car

What factors affect the cost of shipping a vehicle?

The cost of your shipping request varies on these factors.

Shipping Distance
The distance is a significant factor when it comes to transporting your car.
Vehicle Size & Weight
There is a wide variety of vehicle types. Another factor to consider is the weight and the additional items along with it.
Car Condition
Your car’s status also plays a huge part. We take extra care and precaution to keep it in good shape.
Transport Method
Whether you choose the open or enclosed type, the cost still varies to its convenience.
If it is a sudden booking, our staff will be on the go to pick your car up.
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Auto Move America LLC is committed to providing exceptional auto transportation services, guaranteeing our customers that their cars are in good hands. Our team of experts sees to it that each vehicle we handle is well-tended.

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